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But luckily not too busy! My first three weeks of school so far have been pretty good, my classes aren't loading me down, so I'm taking my final year leisurely like I wanted. Today will be my first time watching a kendo class (I might do some exercises with them, because fuck knows I need to exercise!), mostly because my friend who drives us in our carpool is teaching it now and we know a few of the people who go to the kendo class anyway. This will become a weekly thing, and well, whatever keeps us out of the house, I'm down for. :D

Other things I've done this semester so far:

Exploring the new mall that is being built next to my university. Only 3 restaurants and the movie theater are finished, and a promising pizza place is close to finishing. Several other shops are still in progress or haven't even started as of last time I was there.

Any of you who live in or near California probably know about the Rough Fire going on. For context, California is so dry it's prone to brush fires, and this particular fire is so large that less than a week ago it was pretty smoky out. Like in my area, it was beyond "sensitive" and went into straight up "unhealthy" for the air quality ratings. "Smoke" was listed as our current weather for that day. Welcome to California.

I've signed up to what's basically an LGBT film viewing that also involves volunteering for the sake of my class. It's going to be this Friday and I'm kinda excited about it. Even if I have to do a write-up about it.
Gender Flags - Genderqueer by TwinkJinx :heart: Sexual Orientations - Pansexual by TwinkJinx :heart: Sexual Orientations - Asexual by TwinkJinx

I joined a new multiplayer server on minecraft, which means I've been getting back into minecraft much more lately. I am very fond of it so far, very few people on it, a great seed with picturesque scenes. My friend on the server is the most irritating member of the server, but knowing him, it was to be expected. Killing my farm animals get's you banned from my house, dammit. >:u

I also drew a thing. I will be sure to get all the exposition out as I can. And this time it's also of a character who doesn't get enough love! She may not be a main character, but she's a fun support character. <3

Question of the day! Uuuuuh I am shit at questions, so tell us about your day or some shit.

Nereshtrii: You shouldn't be procrastinating on your work. :/
Urit: o.o
Kikyuri: Doing good! Class is getting a little tense, but otherwise fine. ^^;
Kior: Quiet around here, is't it?

And for everyone else:… Take your favorite song and put it on through here for an infinite extended version! Think you can beat an internet genius at twenty questions? Think of a celebrity, a cartoon character, your mom, and see if he can guess it right!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Welcome to my art page! If you have entered and are looking for aliens and silly shit, you've come to the right place! This page hosts mainly SFW art with some (tame) nudity on occasion. Please keep comments clean. I am open for roleplay!

I love talking to you all, so feel free to leave me messages and notes! If you just watched me, or have been watching since 2010, I don't care who you are, I'm 99% sure I'll enjoy talking to you as long as you don't intentionally cause trouble. .w.

:iconkittythenekoalien: :heart: :icondirector-james:
Gender Flags - Genderqueer by TwinkJinxGender Symbols - Agender by TwinkJinxSexual Orientations - Asexual by TwinkJinx

Feel free to ask me or my characters anything if you need!

Ask about Skype!


October Doodledump 2015 by KittyTheNekoAlien
October Doodledump 2015
With all sorts of things featuring my one fanart of the millennium (Stevonnie from Steven Universe <3), shaved Helios, myself making two appearances, the origin to this last drawing, more Claire, and related scenarios from conversation and RP. Reminder that if your ideas are funny or interesting enough or if they happen in RP, they can appear in doodles, and even full drawings. c:

Characters (c) :iconkittythenekoalien:
When a Fictional Character Debates with You by KittyTheNekoAlien
When a Fictional Character Debates with You
"But you aren't even real!"
"Poisoning the Well and Red Herring distractions. You're already off to a bad start."

I don't even. This sounded a lot funnier in my head, but eh, why not post it anyway.
TL;DR, Kior enjoys debates, and I have had it occur on more than one occasion that friends in RP will acknowledge the character's really being fictional, and thus, not real. For other reference, what Kior means by the above terms:

Poisoning the Well: A type of ad hominem fallacy (attacking the person, not the argument) that attempts to discredit someone at the very beginning of a debate.

Red Herring: A related but irrelevant distraction from the point of the debate.

Basically, Kior will point out every argumentative flaw you try to use if you try to debate with him. Pretty much what he's saying here is the fact he's not "real" isn't necessarily proof that anything he says is wrong. Faceless mook is nobody in particular.

Kior: Ambiguous usage; you do indeed know someone who refers to himself as "Nobody", do you mean this is indeed a representation of Nobody or that this "faceless mook" could indeed be anyone else?

Well you haven't met him, and if it was him, I might draw his character instead.... >w> So the latter. So yup, chat up the little guy if you want some insight, or see how you match up in the field of debate! Or ask him about his day, that sort of thing.

Kior (c) :iconkittythenekoaline:
Claire Hale by KittyTheNekoAlien
Claire Hale
It would appear this character hasn't had a proper introduction yet! If any of you recall A particularly shitty doodle thing from two summers ago I guess, this character does indeed have her own story, and she's the main protagonist! I figured I'd finally formally introduce her and say a thing or two about her story! I know I have story summaries in a journal somewhere....

Claire is a 17-year-old junior in high school, an otherwise othered child who's had to deal with her own fair share of bullying and grew jaded over the world around her. She's otherwise quite intelligent, but doesn't try very hard in school. Outside of school however, she's extremely driven in the subjects she's fascinated in, often under religions and psychology. But beneath the surface, she's able to tap into powers that could potentially sway the fates of those around her. The question is then how does she intend to use this gift.

Some might also be questioning: Gasp! Another human character!? Yes. Yes it is. The story will be primarily humans, in fact.

For those who also noticed her hair going separate ways in the two most recent doodles, The original concept art (not posted) did indeed have her bangs on the right side, her colored doodle in the above link has it on the left, and I finally decided to keep it on the left side. Raenafyn's long hairstyle is right-side anyway. Figured I don't need to make a habit of hair always parting on one side. Especially since Raenafyn and Claire already have so much in common appearance-wise. Maybe I'll get a bio for her soon. I suppose in lieu of the species facts (since obviously she's human, any trivia I'd dig up would be useless), I might elaborate on her powers or some shit. That or simply cut it out for human characters.

And just a teensy little spoiler for the story, aside from Claire's powers. Helios is 95% sure going to be part of her story. So if you recall several doodles with Helios in particular around some forgettable-looking girl, those were all Claire. ^^ I figured I had to put them in somewhere, and though Helios is nice as a sort of non-canonical character, I'll let a story that doesn't hedge on scientific realism that goes into the metaphysical take them. That and Claire's first concept art already had her interacting with them, I just couldn't say no - so I finally figured out how Helios makes their entrance! Now to eventually get back to writing those stories of mine...

Claire (c) :iconkittythenekoalien:
September dump part 2 2015 by KittyTheNekoAlien
September dump part 2 2015
Containing concepts for Kurons, Raenafyn censor ears, clothing design, Claire with right-side hair, and a cameo from :iconradicalpeanutass:'s fursona Zeke the Squid. If the lack of eyes on some seem uncanny, I chose to do this so as not to confuse people into thinking it was an actual character. Sadly when you have races like Maangons with terrible sameface issues, or Kurons when you only have one representing their race, I imagine people might question if it's them. :B At least Kikyuri as a Maangon has distinguishing marks, I'm sure Vaki, Mark, and half of Mark's classmates pretty much look all the same if it weren't for different clothing styles - and if I dress them differently, it's all over. Heck, I fear sometimes that the Te'zhor are the same way in that Zakk'ra simply "scarf one", Rana'tye is "sweater one", Yo'run is the sweater-vest, etc. A doodle of Zo dressed up and with a different hairstyle has already been mistaken for Raenafyn and this was more at a prompt of "guess who this is". Maybe I need to finally fucking color shit. Or uh, not suck. XD God damn chibis all look the same.

Characters (c) :iconkittythenekoalien:

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